Frequently Asked Questions

Vision: Strive to ensure that no child in India will be deprived of education because of hunger

Mission: By 2025, to be able to feed Five (5) Million needy children every day

At Akshaya Patra, we dream of a world where families won’t have to choose between food and education for their children. A wholesome meal prompts children, especially girls, to stay out of the workforce and attend school thereby addressing both classroom hunger and education. With the continued kindness of donors and supporters, Akshaya Patra will meet its goal to serve more children throughout India.

For details, please visit:

Buy one or more Akshaya Patra NFTs

An NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world objects such as art, music etc. An NFT holds value in the form of some cryptocurrency and can be created (aka minted), sold and bought using cryptocurrency

With proof-of-ownership, authenticity, traceability and being purely digital, NFTs are a valuable asset for content creators and collectors

Akshaya Patra’s NFT Store powered by, makes it easy to buy NFTs


  1. Login using social media credentials such as your Google account
  2. Add the NFTs you want to buy to your cart
  3. View/Update Cart and follow the prompts to Checkout
  4. Enter donor info
  5. Select payment method and enter payment info
  6. Place order

You can pay using Cryptocurrency

On the payment page, select the Cryptocurrency option, link your Wallet to complete payment. Please ensure your wallet is sufficiently funded

AlgoSigner, MyAlgo Wallet, Pera Wallet (previously named Algorand Wallet).

Step 1: Add the AlgoSigner Chrome extension  or set up a MyAlgo Wallet  or download the Pera Wallet Mobile App and follow the instructions carefully including keeping a record of your mnemonic phrase and QR code. If you lose this information, you will not be able to access the funds in your wallet or use your wallet.

Step 2: Fund your Wallet with Algos using a crypto exchange like Coinbase.

Once your payment is complete, click the Withdraw NFT button to withdraw the NFT into your wallet. Click the View NFT button to see a record of your NFT on the Algorand Blockchain (Please reload the page if you do not see the View NFT button)

Also, you can access your NFTs through your My Dashboard:
a) Orders: Click “View” to see details of an order
b) Address: Update your Address if needed
c) Account Details:  Update your Display Name, First Name, Last Name, Email
d) Wallet: View your linked wallet address is a fast-growing NFT marketplace built on Algorand, the greenest blockchain network. It enables innovative creators around the world to showcase their creativity as NFTs in their own Omni NFT Store including unique and rare NFTs of photographs, audio, video clips, and empowers them to market their assets with no boundaries. simplifies the buying process by supporting multiple Algorand wallets and cryptocurrencies provides white-glove services to launch custom NFT stores for its premier clients. It eliminates the friction of NFT adoption by supporting flexible payment methods including Credit/Debit Card and various cryptocurrency options using Bleumi (Algorand’s top crypto payment platform) respectively